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Sunny James & Ryan Marciano Contribute Positive Message in “Life After You” ft. RANI



Dynamic Dutch Duo, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, are on a mission to impact the world one step at a time through their music. They’ve become known for this by contributing positivity towards the scene with countless energetic live performances, a slew of past staple tracks, and now, another addition towards their highly inspiring discography. Released on the duo’s SONO Music label, the renowned Dutchmen have dropped a brand-new empowering single “Life After You” featuring singer-songwriter RANI.

The single possesses an uplifting message that allows the duo’s audience to get the most out of life, while the record’s empowering lyrics and vocals from RANI perfectly drive the progression of the track continuously forward, sonically exhibiting the guys’ invigorating production style. “Life After You” additionally trails fresh from their successful two-hour live set from Sensation’s recent ‘Monument Of Light’ event, and also recently took part in Tomorrowland’s virtual festival. 

“The message behind this record is that you’ve got to get happiness out of yourself no matter what happens in life, and RANI’s amazing vocals perfectly reflect that message. It probably sounds really cliché, but we were honestly blown away by her talent and by how professional she is. We’re super happy with how the record turned out and she played a big part in that.”

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano

Geared to strike listeners worldwide both in music releases & performances, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano are set to continue their journey on providing energetic happiness to the world. “Life After You” is a small, yet big step towards their goal, setting the tone to new singles, releases, or more that will play a big part in the months ahead.


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