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Cold Blue Rejuvenates ‘Winter’ into ‘Summer Chills’ Album



Rejuvenating his debut album Winter into Summer Chills, trance DJ/Producer Cold Blue is changing up reality and opening a portal into an opulent season. 

A well-designed balance of touching up previous originals and breaking new ground, Summer Chills is the album the trance sphere has been waiting for this summer. Now that it’s alive and well, we can dive into the realm of wonder it’s all about. When it comes to summer, the phrase ‘chill mix’ is just about the epitome of seasonal style. Featuring 10 invigorating records, Cold Blue has morphed the most blissful parts of winter and summer together to orchestrate an arrangement built to withstand time.

This is undoubtedly one of the most delicately crafted and purely ambient albums of electronic music this year. It’s albums like this that remind music enthusiasts of the magnitude of brilliant detail that artists pour into every ounce of sound and flow. Opening the curtains is “Shine,” a track that instantly strikes a chord through your veins. Its flourishing tones set the mood for the full 10-track masterpiece. 

Leading into even more soft yet pulsating vibes, “August Rain” is a perfectly picturesque tune. It takes an artist of expert measures to produce tangible feelings from only instrumentals. Cold Blue is defining this expertise. Moving into tracks like “Frozen (Chill Mix)” and “Painting Skies,” Cold Blue unearths tranquility and revives it to a level of philharmonic melody. Closing the album out is “Reflections (Chill Mix).” There couldn’t be a more enchanting song to end on. Incorporating the best senses of trance with laid-back and harmonizing progressions, Cold Blue finessed this tracklist with a high-calibre of avant-garde artistry. 

A cool six months post-releasing Winter, Summer Chills rides a wavelength of constant movement and whirring electronic elements that were meant for this moment in time. Provoking symmetry of a meditative state alongside energizing rhythms, Summer Chills is the golden soundtrack of the season. 


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