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Sophiegrophy & Walker & Royce Deliver “Cringe / You’re the Boss”



Emerging hip-hop-electronic artist, Sophiegrophy, is determined to make a name for herself through genre bending musicality and unique releases. This time she has put forth a new single EP, “Cringe” and “You’re the Boss” which is a collaboration with stellar production duo, Walker & Royce. Since the collaborators’ previous single, “My Own Thang” which was released through Dirtybird, they are continuing to make their way up the charts, topping a plethora of reputable dance figures. “Cringe” and “You’re the Boss” are records that are bound to be played throughout clubs and parties, while being adaptable for different music scenes. 

Sophiegrophy is a differentiated artist and her singles, “Cringe” and “You’re the Boss” are both a unique fusion of electronic and hip-hop elements while serving as the perfect comedown songs to help anyone relax on Sundays. It is an exciting showcase of what Sophiegrophy has to offer musically, and demonstrates her own diversified background. As she continues to carve her own lane in multiple music scenes, her reach and influence are bound to magnetize the right fans and audience to her work. As she continues to differentiate herself from others, she also sparks inspiration for other artist to also discover themselves and to truly embody who they are into their everyday lives.


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