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Sensu Previews Upcoming Album with Latest Single “Issues” ft. Ryck Jane



Rising Swiss star Sensu is a true sensory captivator, and now she has just released her third single “Issues” ft. Ryck Jane off of her upcoming album, Embrace. 

This single blends her background as a classically trained pianist with her experiences producing hip-hop beats creating really interesting sound loaded with texture. Sensu beckons listeners into her world, and launches them into a journey through the mind. “Issues” is out on now via Quartz Records.

“In the middle of the album process I was very inspired by Asian music and instruments. Due to the fact that my roots are in hip-hop music, I wanted to create a rap song for my album. I just mixed Asian and electronic sounds with hip-hop elements and thought about adding a female MC to make this track complete.” – Sensu

Sensu’s impressive signature sound landed her major performances at top festivals such as Zurich Open Air in addition to tours with the likes of Pablo Nouvelle. Sensu’s full-length album Embrace is slated to release on Friday, September 6th.


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