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Ruben de Ronde Explores our Deepest Desires in “Wanderlust”



Dutch DJ/Producer Ruben de Ronde is reaching the core of our desires in returning to ‘life as we remember it’ his newest single “Wanderlust” ft. EKE. The single follows his latest album, Different. Going to concerts and traveling with friends seems like a distant memory, and this song explores the emotions surrounding that sentiment.

“Wanderlust” starts off with a smooth beat, easy piano chords, and strong anticipation for the story to start with EKE’s vocals. As soon as her verse starts, the listener is instantly grabbed with her truthful lyrics surrounding the dire need to return to in-person socialization, celebration, and travel. The track certainly carries euphoric tones, dreamy, but also features a powerful drop featuring driving arpeggios, basses, and drums.

“The last couple of months have been challenging for many artists. We are used to travel a lot, to see places and meet the most amazing people. ‘Wanderlust’ is really the story of missing that feeling of traveling. The most special part about this track is that I made it in front of many people that have that same feeling: my Twitch following. Streaming the production, and sharing the process of the creation really brought something special to ‘Wanderlust’.” – Ruben de Ronde

“Wanderlust” also features a strong A State Of Trance 2020 remix from rising producer Eugenio Tokarev. This release is a record for everyone out there who feels confined, even more so because it was designed live in front of fans via Ruben’s Twitch channel.

Synthesizing the landscape surrounding him, Ruben de Ronde keeps his progressive, trance, and chilled-out mindset in overdrive which results in a stunning signature musical balance. Exceeding expectations with each release, the internationally renowned producer takes his studio projects to screaming crowds, playing at Armada Nights, festivals, and ASOT tours around the globe with Armin van Buuren. In hopes of a swift return to live events, “Wanderlust” will certainly be a crowd pleaser in Ruben’s next set.


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