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Nifra & EKE Collaborate on Techno-Trance Banger “Pull Me In”



Nifra has in a vast couple of years gone from being a local talent in central Europe to one of the most popular figures in the Markus Schulz “Coldharbour” entourage. With releases such as “Dark Harbour”, “Ransvik” and more she has taken the throne as the “Queen of Coldharbour.” The talented writer and vocalist EKE, has been making her mark within Electronic Dance and Pop music. Recognizable by her melody-focused songwriting and ethereal vocals influenced by her early liking of R&B. Now we see these two heavyweights work together on their electrifying “Pull Me In.”

“Am I a trance dj playing techno, or techno dj playing trance?” – Nifra

With Nifra’s dynamic production and EKE’s mesmerizing vocals, prepare to be irresistibly drawn into a hypnotic journey that will leave you breathless. Get ready to immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind sonic adventure that is destined to ignite dance floors across the globe. This extraordinary blend of trance and techno will transport you to a realm of pure sonic bliss. “Pull Me In” is a trance / techno masterpiece that pulsates with heavy synths, beckoning listeners into a realm of sonic ecstasy. Prepare to immerse yourself in a sonic adventure unlike any other. “Pull Me In” is set to ignite dance floors worldwide. “Pull Me In” is out now on all streaming platforms.