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Rob Tirea’s Latest Single “For You” out now via House For A House



The talented Rob Tirea has been killing it these past few months with all these back to back track releases ahead of his debut EP. This time around, the LA-based DJ, producer, and well-rounded musician returns with a fresh and eclectic deep house tune titled “For You,” out now on House For A House.

“For You” features mesmerizing soundscapes that feel like a dream you just don’t want to wake up from, taking listeners on an emotive journey from beginning to end. The track commences with ethereal synths and Rob Tirea’s own mind altering vocals, drawing listeners in right from the get go. As the track’s opening lyrics say, its instantly hypnotic melody makes you feel as if you’re floating like a tidal wave.

As if the beginning of “For You” wasn’t striking enough, the tune then picks up the pace and ascends into a sea of captivating deep house drops and complimenting profound basslines. After the drop, that tidal wave like feeling begins to emerge once again, as the track’s intensity continues to fluctuate but somehow maintains a soothing, melodic tone throughout each cut. It’s the type of track meant to keep on repeat because you just can’t get enough of it.

“The track’s concept came from my realisation that I needed to stop seeking approval and validation from others, especially when it came to my music career. I want people to interpret the song as they want but for me, it was about following my own path and not relying on acceptance from others and I think this is a topic we can all relate to in some way or another.” – Rob Tirea

“For You” is yet another illustration of Rob Tirea’s musical expertise, a track merging club friendly rhythms with an indie pop edge. Not only is he responsible for its astonishing sound production and heartwarming lyrics, but his sensational vocals also play a tremendous part of the tune’s genuine nature. If you haven’t yet, prepare to get completely carried away with “For You,” out now on all major streaming platforms.

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