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Prismatic Starts 2020 in a Multi-Dimensional Bass EP ‘Farsight’



Prismatic is no stranger to the Bass scene and with releases dating all the way back to 2013, he has been a producer of bass and electronic music broadly for most of the past decade. He has spent years crafting his skills in the studio and dedicated himself to the alias Prismatic. He certainly portrays a well-equipped, sufficient artist ready for the next chapter ahead.

Prismatic’s maturity and life experience come full circle on Farsight EP which is a three-work collective that features up some serious bass action. “Farsight” delivers a strong bass single in a classic dubstep frame. There is a lot of intricate sound design, aggressive pumping drums, and rhythmic syncopation that will keep you on your feet for the duration of the track. The second track “Ithara” keeps the natural flow and theme of the EP but features an eastern influence and unique atmosphere. He closes the EP with “Vortex” which builds off of the sonic themes and textures previously featured but builds on them with atmospheric synths backing the bass and drums creating a punchy yet euphoric experience. This EP is definitely club and festival-ready because of its dynamic bass-heavy experience that will serve any bass -head well and leave them with a good-feeling sting.

Prismatic’s music takes listeners on a journey through the spectrum of bass music as beautiful pads and melodies pave the way for a truly unforgettable set of drops. A regular on Most Addictive Records, Prismatic has also released with Firepower Records. His consistent and diverse productions have been turning heads in the bass world for the past five years, and Prismatic is showing no signs of slowing down.


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