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MitiS Delivers New ‘ALL I HAVE’ EP



Melodic dubstep pioneer MitiS is back with a bang. His highly anticipated EP is called All I Have. This two-track EP is out now on BORN Records. For this amazing release MitiS worked together with the talented vocalists Elle Vee and Drowsy. With his newest two tracks, “Gold In the Valley” (feat. Elle Vee) and “Only One” (feat Drowsy) he finally drops two eagerly awaited ID’s.

For this EP, Mitis stays true to his innovative signature sound that he has designed over the past couple of years. As a classically trained producer, MitiS carefully curated these songs. Working with these two saintly vocalists he managed to accomplish two timeless jewels. That is to say that both tracks unfold a chapter of MitiS’ story that exhales sonic nostalgia in the realm of melodic dubstep.

“Gold In the Valley” (feat. Elle Vee) is a sanctioned piece that awakens a heavenly utopia and reveals a glimpse into the world of MitiS. He manages to show off his true talents with this track. Firstly he lets us transcend into a harmonious orchestral masterpiece. Secondly he bombards us with elements such as violins that march like drums into a radiant flow. Perfectly completed by the angelic voice of the talented Elle Vee. MitiS’ production along with Elle Vee’s voice perfectly illustrate a story of a heartfelt awakening. In conclusion MitiS manages to take us on a journey that takes us along the components of classical, melodic and bass music.

Gold in the valley is probably one of my favorite songs I’ve written. Elle vee sent over this amazing topline that took me by surprise when the chorus sounds like a whole choir. She did such amazing work on the writing and processing, I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out. A big focus on this was the synths sitting in a smooth way throughout the song. I think not being able to play in a venue in a while due to covid, It’s easier to not think “this will sound good in a venue or club” and think more “this will sound nice in the home” MitiS

“Only One” (feat Drowsy) is a refreshing acoustic electronic masterpiece. Overall the track shifts momentum from a soul-discovery revival into a blissful time warping drop. With this track Drowsy unleashes an honest vocal delivered with immense conviction from beginning to end. Her singing over MitiS’ use of ethereal strings instruments filtered into vibrant synth plucks create an unbelievable trance-like experience. A track that takes you straight to heaven.

Overall these are two amazing tracks with some fantastic vocals on them. These gems were premiered to 50k fans collectively across MitiS’ and Insomniac’s Twitch/YouTube channels back in August. Since then fans have been eagerly waiting for these massive IDs to drop. For all those fans that haven been eagerly awaiting, the EP is out now on all streaming platforms.


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