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Patrice Bäumel Given Mixing Honors on Latest Balance Presents Compilation



Long time European producer, Patrice Bäumel, cut no corners in the upcoming Balance Series compilation, showing just why he’s been asked to represent the esteemed brand


Patrice Bäumel is known throughout the globe not only for his rabbit-hole club performances, but also his exhaustive creative process that spans genres and customary production techniques. He was the resident club DJ at Trouw Amsterdam, bringing you “Black Magic” and “Hifi” nights to one of the most celebrated venues Europe may ever see. Patrice Bäumel once again makes another footprint in the dance music scene with the soon to be released Balance Presents compilation.


Going into this project Patrice Bäumel wanted to do something a little different with the Balance Series. He was quoted saying, “Rather than blending one record into the next, I wanted to blur the lines between DJ set and production and turn it into a composition in its own right.” You could expect a producer such as Patrice Bäumel to want to veer from the simplistic meshing from track to track as you’d see on most compilations. Instead he wanted to make it a truly organic piece of art altogether. He chose tracks that were personal favorites for him, that have remained relevant over the years of his musical career. With such a bond with the tracks chosen and his talented ability to mix and build a story, the new Balance Presents by Patrice Bäumel is one that is not for “people with a low tolerance for music,” as he puts it ever so lightly.


The new Balance Presents includes original tracks from fellow greats like M83 and Nils Frahm. Stylish remixes such as the Playgroup edit on DJ Hell’s “Hells Kitchen” and the Max Cooper remix to Stephan Bodzin’s “Wir” make an appearance on the new compilation as well. Patrice Bäumel also takes the initiative to make new material specifically for this refined project. He creates the perfect intro and departure tracks to gently ease you into the Balance Presents mix and wrapping it all up gently bringing you back to reality. Possibly the peak of the whole compilation comes around the midway point with his new remix to Underworld’s “Bird 1.”


Take a listen below to the preview of the latest Balance Presents compilation by Patrice Bäumel:


Purchase the full length Balance Presents Patrice Bäumel mix on April 29th HERE.

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