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Mysterious DVRKO Talks “This Is How”, Reveals First-Listen of New “Lights Up” Black Caviar Remix [Exclusive]



For the past couple of months, there’s been another mysterious, masked electronic music producer all over social media and in the EDM-centric blogs, but this guy seems different. He’s known on the streets as DVRKO (pronounced, “dark-oh”). Evidently, no one knows his real name or what he even looks like (his face is always covered by some type of a mask or helmet or something that’s otherwise part of his head, we’re not sure). There’s something vaguely sinister-yet-irreverent about him. He – or at least, his artist persona – seems to straddle the line between being both devilishly cool (and always really, really well dressed) and unselfconsciously comedic. Most importantly, the releases DVRKO puts out are super dope.

The first single from DVRKO, “This Is How” featuring British singer/songwriter Sarah De Warren currently has over 1 million Spotify streams, 350,000 of those in just the first two weeks of that song’s release. “This Is How” was added to the popular Spotify ‘Friday Cratediggers’ playlist upon its release and the combined monthly listeners of the song’s remixes clocked in at 2.4 million. As of this writing, “This Is How” is one of only two songs on Billboard’s ‘Top40 Indicator’ chart this week that’s released by an independent record label, L1N3 Records. The music video for “This Is How” is heavy with CGI and by the looks of it, must’ve taken many many man-hours to render; it’s a cross between a video game replete with motion-capture imagery and, um, an exercise video. Like we said, DVRKO is an eclectic guy!

The follow-up single to “This Is How” is DVRKO’s “Lights Up,” which we’re diggin’ for its ecstatic hands-in-the-air vibe. “Lights Up” really drives home the fact that we’re missing the entire 2020 festival season (no thanks to Covid-19) because it has such a festive, celebratory vibe. At least you can crank up this song really loud in your living room, break out the lasers and moving-head lights attached to your ceiling and close your eyes and pretend you’re in the middle of the field at Tomorrowland or EDC Las Vegas. The mood on “Lights Up” is really uplifting and optimistic, and it’s a true mood tonic to lift your spirits right now. There’s some serious dynamics and punchy basslines in the Main Mix of DVRKO’s “Lights Up” and we simply cannot get this song off of our personal playlists or out of our heads. Watch the official lyric video for “Lights Up”, HERE.

Special for The Nocturnal Times is a first-look at the Black Caviar Remix of DVRKO’s “Lights Up”, HERE: As you’ll hear, the Black Caviar Remix takes the essence of the original and puts a sexy, playful, sorta ‘Vegas pool party’ spin to it. Black Caviar definitely wants people to dance with their remix! We like what Black Caviar did with the vocals and it’s totally groovy. We can imagine the Black Caviar remix playing outdoors during a progressive-house pool party at Marquee Dayclub in Las Vegas….and we’re itching for the pool parties to come back full-force. The tempo on the Black Caviar Remix is a bit pitched up and the swagger is sped-up a bit here, and we like it. The build and the drop on the Black Caviar Remix are exactly where you’d expect them to be and their remix is perfectly reliable as a party-starter. Their remix has a clean cut that drops-out decisively at the end of the song.

Said Black Caviar about their remix of DVRKO’s “Lights Up”: “What a catchy jam! After the first time we heard “Lights Up,” we couldn’t stop singing it and had to dig in to put our spin on it. Can’t wait to one day drop this in the club!”







“Lights Up” (Black Caviar Remix):

Photo Credits: Kavan the Kid


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