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Moodshift Releases Captivating Single “Walk On Water”



Electronic music trio, Moodshift, has steadily grown their presence as artists over the past year and now has recently put forth an uplifting new single, “Walk On Water.” The track is a lively four-on-the-floor tune that is filled with a plethora of energetic synths, upbeat percussion, and soothing vocals that are bound to get stuck in any listener’s head. With its infectious melodies and lyrics, it is sure to help the trio to captivate more fans within the electronic music space and more. 

“Walk On Water” is a beautiful body of work that demonstrates the trio’s ability to musically produce in new directions. It is a single that’s infectious, while suitable for a variety of DJ sets and environments. 

We’re always trying to push our music in new directions and we wanted to see if we could make a gospel-inspired dance track. We wanted to make something that feels uplifting and still emotional, and we really felt we did just that with ‘Walk On Water’. ‘Walk On Water’ for us means anything is achievable. And that’s the message we want to send to the world right now.” – Moodshift

Composed of Lucas Nord, Oliver Nelson, and Rasmus Flyckt, Moodshift has been hard at work, sharing 13 releases and remixes thus far this year. With a multitude of originals accumulating millions of streams on Spotify, their latest single, “Walk On Water” adds towards the group’s stellar discography while diversifying the trio’s production sensibilities. It’s a track that’s perfect for occasions like car rides, parties, clubs, and festivals, while its memorable vocals are bound to become recognized by fanatics that are invested in the genre. As Moodshift continues to establish a reputable name for themselves as a diversified trio in the music space, furthering their impact on fans worldwide, the impact from their music and message is bound to captivate those who need it.


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