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Moodshift Brings “Touch” Back in New Single & Music Video



Trio Moodshift has arrived with their first original single of the year, “Touch” and the song is accompanied by a perfectly fitting music video as well. 

The song sets quite a sexy mood, and the music video for “Touch” amplifies its flirtatiousness to the next level. Themed on physical touch and the innate desire for people to maintain in-person relationships, the song speaks volumes to the pandemic and the impact on global travel. The song itself is a perfect dose of electronic music, not too loud but not too delicate either. “Touch” fits perfectly in the middle of crisp percussion and infectious melody, and it’s yet another testament to the sort of magic Moodshift creates time and time again. 

‘We wrote Touch last summer and funny enough I don’t think we ever talked about the pandemic or how it affected us while writing the track. Not once did we discuss how social distancing was affecting us or how our normal way of life was completely turned upside down. Now looking back, it must’ve been in the back of our minds and just something we wrote subconsciously cause it’s so applicable to the situation we’re in. We really tried to capture that feeling in the music video. The crowds, the late nights, physical interactions, etc. – everything we desperately want now but can’t have. And that’s basically what the song is about, we don’t need nothing else. This track is our ode to the past and our excitement for the future. “All I [we] want is your Touch’  –  Moodshift

Despite their inception less than 6 months ago, Lucas Nord, Oliver Nelson, and flyckt have made a name for themselves in the dance space as the next supergroup to watch. With well over 2,000,000 Spotify streams across their past 2 original releases, “Chemistry” and “What About My Love,” the band has seen serious support across the board for their unique take on indie dance. 


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