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Louis The Child Feat. K.Flay “It’s Strange” Gets Royal 21-Track Remix Pack



Louis the Child’s 2015 hit just got revitalized with a hefty remix pack from 21 different artists.


Off to an explosive start to 2016, Louis The Child recently released two repeat-worthy remixes, “Blasé” and Miike Snow’s “Gengis Khan.” But the duo isn’t done yet. With the unleashing of 21 different variations of “It’s Strange” feat. K.Flay, Louis The Child shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. The massive “It’s Strange” project truly reflects the variation and talent across the board in the current electronic music scene.


Whatever mood you may be feeling, there’s a rendition of “It’s Strange” that will capture it. The extensive track list of the “It’s Strange” remix pack includes a tasteful assortment of interpretations that set the tone across a multitude of atmospheres. If you’re looking for something with energy and to get you going we’d highly suggest the Boombox Cartel remix, a clear standout in the bundle pack. Jack LNDN’s Nightime remix also deserves a play giving you a dark House spin on the original. If you prefer the mellow nature of “It’s Strange,” then be sure to check out the Melvv or Chet Porter remixes, both of which keep many of the original song’s elements, but with a few minor tweaks.


Listen to Louis The Child feat. K.Flay “It’s Strange” Remix Pack:


You can buy your favorite remixes of “It’s Strange,” here.

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