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Boombox Cartel Launches Side Project, BOX CAR, With New Release “Any Other Way”



Boombox Cartel has made a name for himself within the electronic community, cementing himself as one of the most respected and iconic figures in the space. He’s generated a wide-range reputation for his original releases, remixes, and lively performances that encompasses a recognizable trap-dubstep genre sound and now Boombox Cartel has just launched his brand new side project, BOX CAR, with an original released tune, “Any Other Way.” 

“Any Other Way” is an original release for Boombox Cartel’s latest side project, BOX CAR, and can be classified with sub genres of Melodic House and Organic House. The track is filled with an array of gritty synths and driven by a consistent four-on-the-floor house rhythm that pumps emotion into any listeners that hear it. On May 30th, BOX CAR celebrated the project’s world premiere with a show at Space Yacht, showcasing the unique world that the side project creates with its new sound. The analog drums, warm synths, and funky beats showcased breaks the boundaries that Americo (Boombox Cartel/BOX CAR) has created, while adding in hints of nostalgia that’s encapsulated within electronic music. 

BOX CAR is a sonic outlet that Americo wishes to use simply for emanating the vibes. His focus is purely on the energy that dance music possesses in its truest form and fans and listeners are extremely eager to see more of the project unfold as the year continues.