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Listen to Will Atkinson’s Newest Album ‘Last King Of Scotland’



Scottish DJ/producer Will Atkinson has completely conquered the music world with the release of his highly anticipated debut album, Last King of Scotland. The 17-track LP is one nothing short of extraordinary, and one you’re going to want to thoroughly explore.

While the Black Hole Recordings mainstay is typically known for his trance ensembles, Last King of Scotland is a musical masterpiece that intertwines the beautiful aspects of a plethora of different electronic genres all into one. Blending elements of trance, techno, drum & bass, progressive, and ambient notes never seemed so seamless, and we have Will Atkinson’s one-of-a-kind production expertise to thank for that.

So is this a trance album?” “Well – there’s certainly a healthy dose of it – but there are other styles, other influences, other moods, melodies and emotional experiences for you to immerse yourself in too. I love so many different styles of music that it would be an insult not to draw influences from beyond the boundaries of trance.” – Will Atkinson

Like any remarkably curated album, inspiration for Last King of Scotland must have derived from a special place or moment in time. The album’s entirety is merely a narrative recollection of Will Atkinson’s unique path in this beautiful thing we call life. Each of its tracks tell the story of the electronic music aficionado’s life in the remote island of Orkney in Scotland, which is safe to say isn’t one of the most renowned dance music cities in the world. However, all those peculiar nightclub and dance floor memories from his beloved home country seemed to unlock a new realm of inspiration for every alluring track on this stunning album.

Always seeking to get out of his comfort zone, Will Atkinson has proven his musical mastery with the timeless album that is Last King of Scotland. It’s uniquely designed soundscapes might come off as quite odd at first, but it’s all for a reason.

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