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Listen to Cloverdale’s Latest Release “Hit The Dancefloor” via hau5trap



Hailing from Halifax Canada, Cloverdale has garnered a worldwide reputation for his high-octane tech house sound, blending a pristine amount of sound design, crisp production, and four-on-the-floor grooves. Now the young artist has excitingly just put forth a new tune called “Hit The Dancefloor” through the renowned label, hau5trap, cementing him as a staple figure in the house music scene and more. 

“Hit The Dancefloor” is an electronic single that pulls listeners in with addictive vocal hooks, rhythmic percussion, gritty basslines, and a pulsating four-on-the-floor beat. The track is perfectly balanced between its sound design, vocal melodies, and intricacies, while its structure is perfect for getting listeners to dance steadily. It’s a testament to Cloverdale’s sonic grasp within the house music space, as he is able to captivate listeners in dance-oriented grooves and hooks throughout his music.

Known to have a larger-than-life personality and massive tracks to match, Cloverdale is an electronic jack of all trades. He boasts his own impressive label, Vibrancy, which released over 40 songs in 2021 alone. He has previously garnered support from a variety of legendary dance artists, while his transcendent house sound has made its way to perform for many house giants like John Summit, Vintage Culture, Noizu, Dr. Fresch, and more. Cloverdale is indefinitely an artist to watch in 2022 and beyond.


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