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Kai Wachi & Dylan Matthew’s “Run” Lives on in New Remix EP



Earlier this year, Kai Wachi and Dylan Matthew caught their fans’ attention with their collaboration on the emotional yet bass-heavy single, “Run.” Since its official release back in March, the tune has received a tremendous amount of support from like-minded artists within the industry and 1.5 million streams across the board. As if that wasn’t striking enough, the duo hopes to keep the tune’s momentum going with a Run (Remix) EP, out now via Kannibalen Records.

While the original single is nothing short of extraordinary, Kai Wachi and Dylan Matthew have chosen seven aspiring producers to add their unique production touches to “Run.” The remix EP consists of mindblowing re-works of the track from artists like yelp, UBUR, Hairitage, Ruvlo, Bebi, GLD, and Danny Olson, in which each artist showcases “Run” in their own light. The remix pack offers listeners an opportunity to experience the already stellar track in a reimagined manner, and fans across the globe can’t seem to get enough of it all. 

All seven remixes of “Run” explore a wide array of distinct soundscapes, yet all seem to align with Kai Wachi and Dylan’s Matthew original design ensemble. Merging a sentimental melody and emotive lyrics with substantial bass-heavy drops is already impressive as it is, but each artist on the remix EP has truly outdone themselves in the re-mastering process of the highly-perceived original single. Bassheads, get ready to explore “Run” in a brand new light, as the remix pack is finally out on all major streaming platforms.

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