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JustLuke Reveals Three-Track ‘Outlaw’ EP



German DJ/Producer JustLuke has arrived with his newest EP. Like most producers out there he is currently using the Corona period to his benefit. He has been working intensively on new projects to develop his career. The result of these recent months is the brand-new Outlaw EP.

Outlaw by JustLuke shows us a newer darker side compared to his previous releases. In the past his tracks conveyed emotions and moments that he had experienced in his life. For this EP he went one step further. In addition to his unique sound design, JustLuke wants to tell his story through these tracks. Like with all his releases, he wants to tell us what drives and moves him.

As the true artistic and creative talent he is, he managed to put his vision into these tracks. He wants us, the listener, to see and feel the world as he does. With Outlaw he takes us on exactly this three-track journey.

This journey is marked by ups and downs during the lockdown. Something we all probably have dealt with. JustLuke expressed several feelings at the same time. For instance anger, fear and regret, but most importantly freedom. The freedom we so dearly miss and the freedom to do the things we love but can’t at the moment. It is something we all can relate to as it’s on everybody’s minds right now.

Not only can JustLuke create atmospheric club sounds, but he also manages to create explorative elements to his sounds. It is exciting to see what next year has in store for him when the festival season is (hopefully) in full swing.

Photos Courtesy of JustLuke Facebook


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