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Jump into the World of Henri PFR [Interview]



Belgium native Henri Peiffer better known as Henri PFR is steadily working on becoming the next superstar. His tracks are gathering millions of streams. He has already played the biggest stages across the world like Tomorrowland, Ultra, and Parookaville just to name a few. There’s no doubt there are many more names to be added to that list as well. Henri is definitely cementing his presence as one of the most charismatic names within the music scene. With his positive attitude and magnetizing aura, he is one of the most likeable DJs out there.

Over the past few years, Henri has worked Robin Schulz, Lost Frequencies, Editors and many more. Henri developed his rejuvenating sound over these last couple of years, and now he has arrived with a brand-new track “No One Knows” which is out now via Spinnin’ Records.

We had a chance to chat with Henri about “No One Knows” and more year catch up points in our interview below.

Nocturnal Times: Congratulations on your newest release “No One Knows” – a collaboration with Famba and Chiara Castelli. This is a busy year for you. Seems you are pushing your brand like a mad man. Playing on top of Belgium’s monumental trademark, the Atomium, becoming a coach on the Belgium “the Voice” and now your newest release.

Nocturnal Times: First things first, how are you? During the first lockdown you shared on Instagram that you had a tough time. How are you holding up now during the second one?

Henri PFR: I’m doing fine, thank you! It’s true I was a bit down in October and I think it’s important to talk about it. I thought I should not lie to my community and insist on the fact you shouldn’t be afraid to talk or seek help if you need to. I’m currently spending a lot of time in studio, learning to play the guitar, writing melodies on my piano, … I’m quite busy actually.

Nocturnal Times: You worked on “No One Knows” alongside Famba and Chiara Castelli. What was it like working with two such talented artists? Can you walk us through the creative process of this one?

Henri PFR: “No One Knows” was created a bit more than a year ago at Amsterdam Dance Event. The writing was so fast and natural that we felt a big potential. We have found this incredible Swiss singer Chiara Castelli that joined the adventure and here’s the track.

Nocturnal Times: “No One Knows” has a very lovely vocal. Did you work around the vocal with your melody or did you start with the melody then add a vocal? Also, what is the message you aimed to put out with this track?

Henri PFR: “No One Knows” was originally written with a voice and a guitar. We had the idea of the vocal hook and worked the track on top. The message is really to say that we know what is going on but that nobody else knows about it. In the beginning it was “All I know if no one knows” which has been changed into “No one knows, no one knows.” To be honest, the track is consciously a bit sexual.

Nocturnal Times: The video clip has a very futuristic element. Shooting a video in these times must have been very special with all the rules and regulations. Nevertheless you put out a very cool video. How was it working on this video clip with Chiara? And above all seeing yourself in such a video?

Henri PFR: I was a bit stressed because the video includes a lot of VFX and was really ambitious. We worked with a very talented Belgian director and I’m very happy with the result. The idea to wear mask and throw them away when escaping the prison is obviously a wink to the current situation.

Nocturnal Times: This year you played on top of the Atomium. First of all, WOW! It was an absolutely gorgeous performance. Who/ how did this location come about and what would you like to share with readers about that experience?

Henri PFR: Thank you! As a Brussels citizen, the Atomium is a real symbol and performing 102m from the ground on top of the highest ball was a real challenge. We saw a lot of DJs performing live streams from their homes and we thought we should do something much stronger. After months of hard work, we made it happen. If I can share a secret with the readers, it’s very cold up there!

Nocturnal Times: As of this season you are a coach on “The Voice” Belgium. Is this something you expected to be happening? And what is it you are looking forward to the most in being a coach?

Henri PFR: I was previously approached by the production of The Voice and I was always hesitating but I thought this year was the right time to do it! As coach, I’m mostly trying to help the talents to build an artistic career. This is not limited to the singing. You need to write music, be a good performer, develop your social networks, your own universe, … I really try to help them on other aspects than barely their voice.

Nocturnal Times: As many of us try and stay focused on the positives during a tough year, what was your most positive 2020 experience so far? What was your worst one? Did you make one or two significant lifestyle/ habit changes this year that will stick with you?

Henri PFR: This year, I started to work with Spinnin’ and Warner Music in GSA. I think it’s a really strong momentum for me. The team is amazing, very talented and extremely motivated to support me in the next steps in my development. One of the worst moment was probably when I heard Tomorrowland wouldn’t happen this year. I was supposed to be back on the MainStage which is always extremely special for a DJ. I decided to learn to play guitar this year and work on my piano. This has been really inspiring.

Nocturnal Times: If you could pack your bags and play any festival in the world tomorrow, which one would it be and why?

Henri PFR: The obvious answer is Tomorrowland. This is the Holy Grail for any DJ in the world.

Nocturnal Times: Thanks again for talking with us and we hope to see you back on the road soon!

Henri PFR: Thank you! I hope we’ll be able to meet in person next time.


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