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Catch a Glimpse into the Musical World of Mahalo [Interview]



Hawaii native Mahalo packs good vibes and positive energy into each and every one of his buzzing tracks. With a cluster of hard-hitting remixes also sitting in his artillery, Mahalo has built an impressive soundtrack to roll on through your laid back nights at home and the thundering halls of nightclubs when we return. 

Mahalo marks his debut on TNT Records unleashing his recent infectious anthemic melodic bass driven single, “Not Watching Anymore” out now.  Mahalo’s much anticipated single tells the story of a complicated one sided relationship where one person is completely fed up and won’t stand for it anymore, “Keep acting like you’re so hurt, you’re crying but I know it’s fake…I show you how much I care but you could give a damn.” “Not Watching Anymore” has already gained support from Spotify and can be found on Spotify’s Cratediggers, Dance Rising playlist and on Sirius XM’s BPM Radio. 

The steady rising producer has seen even more success since moving his home base to the sunny shores of Southern California. He’s spun his own signature “liquid house” sound from cutting edge material and blurring sonic lines. He’s turned heads and grabbed support from some of the industry’s top tier names as well as performed at some of the country’s most coveted music festivals including Electric Daisy Carnival, Groove Cruise, Nocturnal Wonderland and Countdown.

Mahalo’s 2019 smash single “So Cold” sat for 15 weeks on the Billboard Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart and eventually rose to #1. He also holds releases on labels like Tiesto’s AFTR:HRS Records, Mark Knight’s Toolroom Records, Armin van Buuren’s Armada Music as well as other taste making labels such as Perfect Havoc, Enormous Tunes, Bunny Tiger, and Insomniac Records. 

Nocturnal Times: Hey Nick! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, how’s your holiday season going??

Mahalo: The holidays were lowkey but great. Got a chance to see my parents for the first time in over a year due to the pandemic so that was very refreshing. I also ate at a restaurant for the first time in months which was a blast from the past, lemme tell ya!

Nocturnal Times: You’ve had an awesome string of music releases this year, and we’d love to talk to you first about your most recent one “Not Watching Anymore.” What drew you to working on this track specifically?

Mahalo: Thanks so much! The vocals on this one really grab me. Most of us have probably had a relationship go sour and that really resonated with me to bring something there musically. I hadn’t made a ton of high energy music like this and really wanted something “big and anthemic” sounding for my live sets as well, so this was the perfect chance to make something that checked those boxes while still capturing the darker undertones I like to maintain with my music.

Nocturnal Times: Is there anything in particular / fun facts about this track that readers may not know without your insider info?!

Mahalo: The drop has about 8 different piano sounds layered. I guess that’s fun!

Nocturnal Times: From all the songs you released in 2020, is there one in particular that holds the most significance to you for some reason? Or are they all at the same level of love for you??

Mahalo: I love every track I release so it’s hard to pick just one! However, my track “This Town” with Tobtok and Timpo was a bit of a passionate one. We put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into getting that one done so to finally get that released with Big Beat and Perfect Havoc was a big moment for us. Plus, the vibe on that track is just pure “fun” so in the middle of pandemic it was a nice change of pace that was designed to put some smiles on faces.

Nocturnal Times: It’s been a long and tough year for the music industry. What have you tried to focus on to stay positive? Are there any new cool habits or hobbies you’ve gotten into because of quarantine that you’d like to continue doing?

Mahalo: It’s been rough to say the least but I’m fortunate to say I’ve been hanging in there through music. When things were dialing back a bit during the summer and lockdowns were easing, I tried to make my way safely to the beach as much as possible. I find getting outside really helps clear my mind and the ocean has always been a second home for me. I’m in California and things are pretty grim at the moment so staying inside is pretty much a must at the moment and from that I’ve been doing lots of indoor exercising to try and keep the love handles at bay 😉

Nocturnal Times: How has COVID impacted your creativity when it comes to producing new music?

Mahalo: I feel like I have my days. Sometimes, being locked inside and knowing you can’t leave doesn’t always harbor much inspiration to create. Other days, it does. For me, it’s always been about catching that wave of inspiration and trying to ride it through to a finished idea. That wave comes and goes, but all in all I’ve been more productive during the pandemic than before and have a ton of new music on the way.

Nocturnal Times: I think it’s safe to say we are all STOKED for touring and live shows to return. If you could pack your bags tonight and fly to 3 cities in a row, where would they be and why??

Mahalo: Ibiza, Ibiza and Ibiza. Never been and my eighteen year old sister made it there before me. That’s not chill, yo.

Nocturnal Times: What would you like to share with readers about what you hope to accomplish in 2021?

Mahalo: I’m just here to make music I enjoy and that I hope other people will enjoy. Getting messages from people who listen to my tunes and are moved or inspired is the greatest part of being a musician and I just hope that we can continue to grow in 2021.

Nocturnal Times: Thanks again and can’t wait to see you back on the road! <3

Mahalo: Thanks for having me 🙂 Can’t wait!

From her first concert at 10 years old, Ariana's number one thing in life has always been music. Now, at age 25, she's found her passion within the EDM industry. Ariana grew up in the Boston area and moved to Florida where she graduated from Rollins College in Orlando. Inspired by DJ/Producers making their dreams come true and by sensational performances at EDM festivals around the world, Ariana is thrilled to be on the road to living out her dreams.


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