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Jonny Koch & Annie Sollange Create “Love Me” Available now via NCS



Out now on hot UK dance label NCS AKA ‘No Copyright Sounds,’ Jonny Koch and Annie Sollange have collaborated on a stellar new single with a fresh exploration of the dark side of romance.

The track is the singer-songwriters’ expression towards the emotional atrophy they both experienced during recent break ups in their lives, demonstrated through an infectious modern upbeat record that beautifully encapsulates the bittersweet uncertainties of today’s modern day dating culture. 

A harmonic blend between both artists’ vocal-production style, the track was officially released on Valentine’s Day 2020 and acts as the perfect coincidental collab. Combined, Jonny Koch and Annie Sollange have accumulated over 6 million streams for their tracks, while serendipitously uniting together after an avid mutual fan had DM’d both artists, suggesting they’d work together. Since then the artists have been working on solo projects and releases, however fulfilling their mutual fan’s wish of creating music together.


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