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Graves Ignites us with ‘Far From Here’ 7-Track EP



Already more than half-way through his headline North American tour, graves strikes listeners with his most freshly eclectic EP to date, Far From Here. The seven track EP is evidently the Honolulu-born producer’s most personal and experimental project, featuring a new wave of sounds and lyrics stemming particularly from the most genuine parts of his heart and soul.

“Far from here is me letting everyone stand at the window of my house, peer inside, and see what’s going on inside my heart and inside my brain. It’s literally a direct reflection of my state of mind, emotions, well being bottled up into a seven-song project.” – graves

After significant feedback on previously released tracks “I’m Fine” featuring EZI and “Glass Hearts (How Much You Mean)” with Hex Cougar and Lil Narnia, the anticipation for the full EP’s official release has been at an all-time high. Luckily, Far From Here is now available to listeners on all major music streaming platforms. His most streamed track, “I’m Fine” served as a prelude to everything the entire EP represents, reflecting graves’ most emotional and sensitive side through its lyrics, all while still incorporating those unique and high frequency trap-like sounds we all love to jam out to.

The rest of the EP’s entirety showcases this experimental side of graves we had yet to encounter, and it is an absolutely stunning work of art. As the EP progresses, we see more and more of the creative risk graves chose to embark on, specifically on the tracks “Glass Hearts (How Much You Mean) and “Less Permanent”. These tracks demonstrate his innovative talents, in which distinct tones of genres such as rock and grunge co-exist with electronic dance music as one in the most remarkable way.

Far From Here tells the story of graves‘ most unrevealed characteristics, proving that this project has surely evolved into one of his most personal and innovative ventures yet. With a sound unlike any other, graves is killing the game in the electronic music world and Far From Here manifests this in its purest form. With tracks completely refreshing to the senses, listen to the full EP to get a glimpse of this touching side of graves.

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