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Gareth Emery Unveils a Top Trance Track of the Year, “Friendly Fires” ft. Dani Poppitt



For those who have heard a Gareth Emery live stream or live performance recently, they’ll be no stranger to the riveting secret he’s been teasing out for months now. Today that track is finally unveiled for the world to hear. “Friendly Fires” featuring Dani Poppitt is out today and trance lovers around the world are ecstatic to have the ID finally added to their favorite playlists. 

A piece of purely radiant progressive trance, and a slice of everything Gareth is known and loved for, “Friendly Fires” sees Dani Poppitt carry along this song in an effortless fashion. Laced with Gareth’s classic trance ear-candy, the song builds up with soft and delicate emotion, before dropping into a flurry of progressive perfection. Finely tweaked to flawless measures, “Friendly Fires” is the brand-new trance track the globe was dying for. 

In addition to new music, Gareth has kept himself relentlessly busy, finding novel ways to perform live during the pandemic and leading the charge as an electronic artist in the NFT and Crypto space. (Superrare, Nifty Gateway). On the performance side, his Full Circle livestream gave viewers a glimpse into his 2021 electronica. In fact, he debuted the new song right as the sun went down over the Nevada Salt Flats. It’s been a red hot crowd pleaser at his sold-out Laserface Drive-Ins (Southern California) and current run of ‘Lockdown Closing Parties’ (North America, UK). No doubt it will also turn heads at Zouk Las Vegas, where Emery has announced a new residency.


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