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Fideles Reimagines “Otherside” from Monolink’s Album



Hailing from Taranto in Southern Italy is the fantastic duo Daniele Aprile and Mario Roberti, better knows as Fideles. They are renowned for shaping music that perfectly balances epic and melodic. German singer-songwriter and electronic music producer Monolink is a household name in the scene due to being a fascinating and versatile musician with a narrative structure of songs that compels the forward thrust of electronic rhythms. Now this duo made a brilliant remix of his track “Otherside” for release on Embassy One Records.

Paired with Monolink’s highly emotional lyrics and soothing vocals, Fideles’ heavy bass and melodic riffs have given the track an energetic, clubby alter-ego that instantly creates dance floor hysteria. Jam-packed with tribalistic synth hooks, the almost seven-minute-long track transcends through a journey of powerful soundscapes. While led by a driving bassline, the Italian duo’s subtle elements layered throughout, gradually building up emotion and energy as it progresses. The remix perfectly resonates with Monolink’s lyrics asking “Am I losing my mind? Welcome to the other side” with the track’s bassline slowly building up until the almost otherworldly hook comes into play. This remix ultimately adds even more depth and atmospheric synths to the already ethereal track by the German electronic music mainstay. “Otherside” the Fideles remix is out now.


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