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Flip Capella, Emdey, Talktree & Leines Reveal Rendition of Classic “Down Under”



Most of us probably know the classic song “Down Under” from beloved band Men At Work. So it was time that we brought this classic hit to the 21st century. DJs Flip Capella has once again teamed up with Emdey, and with some help of US vocalist Talktree and producer Leines they made a worthy reinterpretation of the classic “Down Under.”

“I have been working with Flip Capella successfully and well for years now. So it was great to do this collaboration again. Leines came to us with the idea and Treetalk sang the cover. It is great to see so many talented people working on such an iconic track. So I am very pleased that everyone did such a good job and we can present you our new single” – Emdey

“Down Under” is Peppered with fresh, emphatic vocals, the mood of the original was retained and at the same time the all-time favorite was transferred to a new level in 2022. The crossover-dance pop version is great in clubs, on the radio and on streaming platforms, it’s catchy and definitely has summer hit potential. Out now on Sony Music.


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