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Elephante Releases Stunning New Album ‘Heavy Glow’ with 88Rising



Internationally-acclaimed DJ and producer Elephante released his latest studio album last week, solidifying his place in the dance music industry for nearly a decade. Out now via 88rising, the artist’s brand-new album showcases not only his talent as a producer but his versatility as a songwriter. Featuring many stand-out singles including “Holy Ghosts”, “High Water”, and the music-video-accompanied “Down This Road,” the release truly brings a beautiful product out of the struggles the producer faced amidst the quarantine. Available now across all streaming platforms, Heavy Glow brings a much-needed breath of fresh air. 

Through a true rollercoaster of emotions, Elephante brings listeners on a journey through the ups and downs he experienced in the time he created this album. Featuring his own keys, guitars, vocals, drums, and synths- the Michigan-born producer proves his multifaceted talent through this ten-track collection. Before the full release, “Dopamine” and a few other singles that previewed the album saw massive success across the board. However, with the full drop of his newest album, listeners can experience the full course of discography and recognize how each track compliments the other. The happiness turns into nostalgia with tracks such as “Departed” and “Tired of Being Tired” easily relating to many listeners’ feelings over the last year. Although much of the album sticks to the producer’s roots of energetic dance music, a few tracks really strike the heartstrings when reflecting on overcoming personal challenges in life. The final track and reflection of his struggles truly stands out and brings new hope for the future, distinctly titled, “Light On.”

“It starts off with an optimism and defiant energy – we’re just taking a quick “Break” from our old lives, and we’ll be back and at it in no time. As reality sinks in that things are actually much worse than we feared, we go into the second act, where the sense of oppressive bleakness settles in. I was close to losing hope that we’d ever claw our way back. And then the third act – when we learned to cope with our struggles, and even gained strength from them. We accept that times are still tough and we’ll never quite be the same, but we can carry a little light of hope with us, optimistic that we can get through this.” – Elephante

After graduating from Harvard University, Elephante realized his true passion is music. With both school smarts and vast knowledge of music on his side, he has quickly risen to be one of the most widely-recognized producers of the decade. With two sold-out tours, massive performances at EDC and Lollapalooza, alongside multiple residencies in Las Vegas under his belt- he truly has established a name for himself in the music industry. With the release of his sophomore album, there is much more in store for Elephante in the years to come. 


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