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ARTY’s Refreshing Single “Those Eyes” is a Playlist Must



Electronic music icon, ARTY, has gladly released a stellar new single, “Those Eyes,” with the support of flagship dance label, Armada Music. The track is a different composition from ARTY’s electronic-focused records, possessing a heart-warming acoustic guitar riff, an uplifting drop, and layered perfectly with Griff Clawson’s deep vocals. 

“Those Eyes” is an international collaboration between Russian dance artist, ARTY, and LA-based vocalist-songwriter, Griff Clawson. It is a lively upbeat addition to ARTY’s renowned discography and showcases the producer’s ability to compose hit records with playful melodies, light-hearted chords, and addicting vocals. 

‘Those Eyes’ was so much fun to produce. The entire time I spent working on it was nothing but natural fun and pure joy. Everything started with me listening to the demo for the first time and I couldn’t even recognize Griff’s voice even though we did so many tracks together in the past. And I think that’s what makes this song so unique and catchy. The blend of acoustic instruments and heavily processed vocals creates this strange, almost alienated vibe that immediately catches your ear because of its nature. But it’s not just a fun track to listen to; there is deeper meaning to it if you listen to the lyrics very closely. All in all, I’m very excited about this record to finally come out and I hope people will enjoy it the same way as I do!” – ARTY

A musical expression about the idea of taking risks with somebody, whether that means growing together or growing apart is what makes “Those Eyes” such a heartfelt classic. It is a reminder to live in the moment and is a perfectly composed music piece between ARTY and Griff.

With shows resurging across the world, ARTY is a highly demanded act waiting to remake his appearance across the world. With a plethora of hit records under his belt, it is always a pleasure to hear from the Russian artist and electronic music fanatics always happily receive his work.


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