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Elephante Drops “Dopamine” Single Ahead of Sophomore Album



New Music Friday today is bursting at the seams with an incredible new single by Elephante. Today, the ever-creative artist has dropped “Dopamine” ahead of his sophomore album Heavy Glow.

Slated for release on October 22, Heavy Glow is bound to be yet another grandiose masterpiece, reflecting the lively sounds that continue to pour from Elephante’s repertoire. “Dopamine” is a riveting new track, boasting his energetic house roots to a tee. Layering synths and floating vocals to create the pulsating track, “Dopamine” is a hot new tune that’s fitting for just about any occasion. Despite the risks, Elephante looks to quench his thirst for escape and pleasure.

”Dopamine” is about desire, about scratching the itch. It’s about wanting to experience the world at its fullest – driving 150 mph down the highway, chasing your lover across the dance floor, taking that last shot that you know you probably shouldn’t – whatever it takes to make you feel something.” — Elephante

“Dopamine” follows Elephante’s recent singles “Holy Ghost” and “High Water” which run along similar lines and moods as this new single. Now, with these three records out for the world to hear, listeners can only imagine what they’ll be able to dive into throughout his upcoming album Heavy Glow. Elephante is one artist whose music is a true reflection of his-self and his life, as he actually speaks towards his younger years and the emotional, physical, and mental struggles he went through with opioid addiction. Fans are getting to know an intimate side of Elephante through his heartfelt and meaningful music, and these emotional valleys will continue to push the boundaries of his own powerful and influential discography.


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