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DVRKO Returns With “Somewhere In L.A.” Remixes, Music Video



EDM fans may have seen and heard a lot from the masked producer known as DVRKO (pronounced “dark-oh”) lately, and it’s no wonder. This producer is so prolific that he seems to have a new single — oftentimes with slickly produced music videos — released every week! Music-lovers can hear DVRKO’s music his weekly radio show, ‘DVRKADE RADIO,’ on Dash Radio’s Insomniac and Electro City channels, as well as on various other FM radio stations like KLUC-FM in Las Vegas and on the nationally syndicated FM radio mixshow, “Remix Top30 Countdown” on iHeartRadio. The guy is busy!

For DVRKO’s latest single, “Somewhere In L.A.” featuring Sarah De Warren, the producer just dropped a pretty dope remix pack this week and we wanted to give our 2-cents. Included are remixes by Golf Clap, Otto Benson, Kue, Tony Romera, and Tony Arzadon. 

Photo Credit: Kavan The Kid

Be sure to check out the official music video for “Somewhere In L.A.” at the link below. All we can say, is…….puppets, man!

Now, on to the remixes…

We went straight for the Golf Clap Remix because these guys are making some heat on the scene, lately. We’re glad we did! This remix has got a thunderous house beat that’s progressive, funky-but-minimal, and always groovy. We like what the Golf Clap boys did with Sarah De Warren’s vocal on this version. The Golf Clap Remix most certainly makes us wanna dance! And if we can’t have shoulder-to-shoulder packed music festivals or nightclubs at this moment, heck! We can still pump-up the volume in our living rooms.

Next-up is the Tony Arzadon Remix. By the way, Tony is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Can’t you just tell by looking at his smile? What a great guy, always brimming with positive energy. We totally love the progressive, trance-friendly atmosphere of Arzadon’s remix, especially the melodic synth pattern that is practically a dog-whistle for trance music-lovers the world over. And, the horns. Horns! Why do horns sound so good? When used in the hands of an expert like Arzadon, the magic lies in the timing. (Also, he doesn’t overdo the horns, which is important.) The Tony Arzadon remix is really uplifting. We walk away from this edit feeling strangely optimistic. 

We like the Otto Benson Remix, too, which also has a proggy feel to it and a solid four-on-the-floor beat. It’s got a housier thing happening here. Take notice of the syncopation within the chorus, which is a bit divergent from the Original Mix of the song, and that syncopation works very well here.

The Tony Romera Remix also has a smooth, progressive-house coloring to it and this remix is quite generous on the intro, allowing this version to build. An unexpected, but nonetheless welcome touch, are the dissonant chords that lurk just beneath the chorus, giving this remix a slightly darker, enigmatic vibe. It reminds us of a film noir. The Kue Remix packs a punch, although it is not our favorite out of all the others in this pack. 
The next DVRKO release is rumored to be, “Power of Love,” and we can’t wait to hear what he does next.

Watch the official music video for DVRKO ft Sarah De Warren, “Somewhere In L.A.,” here: 

Link to DVRKO ft Sarah De Warren, “Somewhere In L.A.-THE REMIXES,” HERE.

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