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Diamond Eyes Releases “23” via NCS



Joshua Merment, better known as by his artist name Diamond Eyes, is back with another NCS release.

Following his debut release, “Gravity” the young producer hailing all the way from the UK, is back with “23,” an uplifting and emotion-stirred single that’s filled with deep lyrics, nostalgic guitar plucks, and fantastic drops to bring everything to its equilibrium.

“Every song written comes from a place in my heart that is real and resonates with me. In fact, that’s when my records are best when they connect to the heart. The truth in the record excites me because I hope it will talk to those that need the message most.” – Diamond Eyes

The single provides Diamond Eye’s listeners with comfort through its sentimental lyrics and emotion-filled synths, constructing the single into one powerful composition. The track also delves into Joshua’s deepest emotions as he explains below.


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