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Deadmau5 Gets Serious With New ‘W:/2016ALBUM/’



W:/2016ALBUM/ from Deadmau5 is one of the year’s best following its late-2016 release through his Mau5trap label.


The release of W:/2016ALBUM/ from the synth king, Joel Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5, outshines many of the other LPs to come before it in 2016. Zimmerman’s new full-length album, W:/2016ALBUM/, pronounced “w drive 2016 album,” serves as an evolutionary tale from the notorious Mau5. Almost definitively exemplifies electronic music, Deadmau5 stays true to his signature sound just as ever before, albeit evolving through progression and experimentation.


Each of the tracks on W:/2016ALBUM/ are crucial to the story being told, essential to the journey. “4ware,” the album opener, is a soaring, blissful instrumental, which simply scratches the surface of what’s to follow. Track two, “2448” is bass heavy, but the next, “Cat Thruster,” possesses rock undertones, and even at times, bears a resemblance to Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust.” On the lip-biting “Imaginary Friends,” Deadmau5 returns to his roots for a head-banging progressive median.


The lead single from W:/2016ALBUM/, “Let Go” feat. Grabbitz, is the album’s mid-point. Beginning with alluring vocals from Grabbitz, Joel’s intense synth’s emerge around the 2-minute mark for a build-up ahead of its 80’s-inspired drop. “Snowcone,” a hip-hip influenced inclusion and the album’s ninth track, was unveiled to fans prior to the LP’s December release.


One of the album’s highlight’s comes from “Three Pound Chicken Wing,” a vehement instrumental that serves as a potent reminder of the Mau5 of the past. Never truly veering off his chosen path, Joel has experimented throughout the course of his career, sure, but he’s never lost sight of his genesis sound.



Familiar to electronic fans for works such as “Ghosts ’n’ Stuff” feat. Rob Swire, “I Remember” with Kaskade, “The Veldt” feat. Chris James, “Raise Your Weapon,” and “Strobe,” which just saw a slew of new remixes this year, the impactful musician is preparing to start the new year off with a bang.


In lieu of the recently released LP, Deadmau5 revealed a coinciding tour planned for early 2017. The Lots of Shows In A Row Tour sets out to intertwine his W:/2016ALBUM/ with a revolutionary, state-of-the-art live show concept.


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