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BÖSA Remixes Suniel Fox & Henry Strange “Revolution”



Supporting the release of their debut collaborative single “Revolution,” Los Angeles based electronic producers Suniel Fox and Henry Strange have released a series of remixes forming their own remix EP. Teaming up with five of their closest colleagues and friends, the “Revolution” remixes encompass a wide variety of genres and styles. One that stands out, in particular, is the laid back remix by the duo, BÖSA.

Their rendition of “Revolution” is an interesting contrast from the original version as they have transformed the record into a mid-tempo house production with airy plucks, grooving drums, and well textured pad synths. As the track progresses, there are several stringed instruments that make sonic appearances and nice interpolation between real-world and digital instruments.

“Working on Revolution remix was great fun and a satisfying journey, since we’re good buds with Henry and Suniel, who created the original, plus the sounds we had to work with were exciting and close to our hearts. SuneV having been in bands most of his life and has an affection for the electroclash / indie rock vibes, which he used to play live drums and backing vocals in Tokyo. Stephan was a real Keytar hero up in Canada who was rocking a serious synthwave mullet and locally famous for trashing hotel rooms after bandcamp.

We used the basis of the rock vibe to build upon and bring out the attitude of the guitar, the atmospheric synths and driving pulse of the drums, which we dirtied up with some killer plugins to accent the rock n roll palate. Then we implemented a myriad of world sounds infusing it with more percussion elements than the original, to give it that dreamy tribal atmosphere to round off the jagged edges, we feel we were able to keep the integrity of our Bósa sound while staying true to the elements of the original song. 

Looking forward to sharing more new tunes in the near future!!”  – BÖSA


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