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French Original Makes “History” in New Single



Earlier this year, up and coming producer/songwriter French Original blessed listeners with his phenomenal re-work of Deadmau5 and The Neptunes’ “Pomegranate,” which introduced a fresh and eclectic sound to the scene. This time around, he’s back with a stellar original tune titled “History,” out now via Universal Music.

Through his creative ventures in the studio, French Original has managed to curate his own signature house sound. “History” reveals this unparalleled sound without flaw once again and we are totally here for it. The stunning new tune illustrates the French-born producer’s extraordinary talents with its spellbinding deep-house notes and stirring vocals, all while telling a story most of us are bound to resonate with.

“I wrote this song after talking with a friend who kept finding herself being drawn back into a bad relationship. It’s really about how physical attraction and the intoxication of it can drag you back down a path of pain, something I think many of us can identify with.” – French Original

The track’s instant subtle melody and opening lyrics (“you know how to get to me, we got we got history”) will surely have listeners hooked to from the get go, and set the tone for the rest of its overall heartfelt vibe and groovy rhythm. “History” is a tune perfect for these summer months, exhibiting both emotive and dancefloor friendly beats all throughout. After being primarily recognized for his striking remixing and co-writing skills, the time has come for French Original to make history (literally) with his first ever intricately designed original track.

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