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Bitbird’s BeauDamian x Nymfo ‘Bounce’ [Premiere]



Bitbird’s been on a hot streak with album contender of the year in album1, and the official premiere of  ‘Bounce” from BeauDamian and Nymfo is their latest must-hear drop


In a piece that hits close to home for BeauDamian, the ability to work with veteran drum n bass producer Nymfo came at the exact right time. During the production of ‘Bounce’ Beau was going through troubling times, and alongside Nymfo they channeled the hardship into a banger of a track to welcome in tour season.



The latest track from Bitbird label member BeauDamian comes at you quick, with a loud siren, heavy bass, and risers not even 15 seconds in. There’s a lot going on in this track from the very beginning, so if you ever need an immediate energy song in your life, add ‘Bounce’ to this playlist. The first drop is ominous in the build up and the drum n bass style of Nymfo can be heard immediately. The drop follows a well balanced pattern of high alarming fast paced rhythm, by heavier reverb’d up bass.


You don’t get a second to breathe until nearly halfway through ‘Bounce.’ The transition to the latter half of the track is as intense as it is inspiring. The midway point gives you a short lived break as compared to the rest of ‘Bounce,’ but the theatrical layers of synths and melodies keep you entertained. The last drop of the track combines the bass heavy, high screech elements to give you the biggest punch right in the end. If you’re not moving by the explosive energy of BeauDamian and Nymfo’s new track ‘Bounce,’ you may want to check your pulse.


‘Bounce’ is a feature single coming up off the upcoming EP ‘Bipolar’ from BeauDamian, set to release on October 26th via San Holo‘s Bitbird imprint. Take a listen to the premiere of ‘Bounce’ below:


Listen to ‘Bounce‘ now.

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