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Barkley Lands “Afterglow” ft. Maggie Szabo on Sirup Music [Premiere]



German DJ/Producer Barkley and Maggie Szabo are hitting the scene tomorrow, February 26th, with their brand new single “Afterglow” out via EDX’s Sirup Music. Today, The Nocturnal Times is offering the world-premiere of “Afterglow” – take your first listen at this brand-new record below. 

“Afterglow” is following a string of past releases from Barkley including “Can’t Take It,” “Underwater,” “Last Chance,” and “Supernatural,” all released on Sirup. Marking his space in 2021, this new single is shooting Barkley straight to the forefront of incredible new music for the year. 

Polished and refined into an invigorating new piece of electronic music, “Afterglow” flows at a perfect pace. Laced with deep melodies, elegant rhythms, and desirable lead vocals, “Afterglow” is 360 degrees of pure radiance. The house tones shine through on a brilliant scale, whilst the opulent dance music foundation paves the way for a timeless new tune. Clocking in at just under three minutes, “Afterglow” projects a short and sweet captivating vibe, easily stepping in as a serene new addition to Barkley and Maggie’s repertoires. 


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