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Autograf Shines In Highly-Anticipated Debut Album, ‘The Ace Of You’



After a long and worthwhile wait, Autograf has finally released their highly anticipated debut album, The Ace Of You on Armada. After months of building excitement for the official release, we are thrilled to finally get a full glimpse of the album’s entire track deck.

The Ace Of You marks Autograf’s first album release on Armada, and after listening to it thoroughly, it is no surprise the prominent label called dibs on this extraordinary project. The 11-track house dominant album is one of Autograf’s most personal projects to date. It is a project that symbolizes all aspects of human nature in its most vulnerable form. A mesmerizing story about fearlessly getting through the inevitable ups and downs of life, The Ace Of You is bound to resonate with listeners worldwide and lighten up lives profoundly.

“Man, you don’t know how excited we are for our FIRST album. It feels so good to say that. There was a point when we thought none of this would’ve happened. Autograf would’ve ceased to exist and there would be no album. When we think back to all things we’ve done that we’re grateful for, they all came after some sort of challenge, defeat or loss. During the making of this album, we lost a bandmate for a moment due to mental illness and didn’t think we’d continue on. Then we came roaring back only for the whole world to come crashing down in a pandemic. We fell in love and experienced heartbreak many times over. Just like the cycles of the moon, you have your highs and lows, and we’d like to think life is defined by how you overcome these lows. This album tells our story, but it’s an experience that isn’t unique to us. It’s something shared by all. You only have one life to live so make that story beautiful. This is your life, this is our life, this is ‘The Ace Of You.’” -Autograf

From the moment “Ain’t Deep Enough” was unveiled back in 2019, we knew Autograf had something massive in store for us. With previously revealed singles such as, “Space (feat. KOLE),” “Waiting” with Scorsi, and “Walk With You” with Janelle Kroll, the rest of the album also discloses a wide array of emotions and challenges that life constantly presents to us. The Ace Of You is all about making the most out of any hand we are given, and it is up to us to see the beauty in every situation.

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