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Alison Wonderland & Dillon Francis Strike Washington D.C. on ‘Lost My Mind’ Tour



This past weekend, we got to experience one of the most extraordinary co-headlining tours to date at The Anthem in the heart of the nation’s capital. Alison Wonderland and Dillon Francis truly brought their exquisite talents forward both individually and collaboratively throughout the night’s entirety, leaving attendees including ourselves completely astounded. No wonder this tour stop turned out to be an entirely sold out show!

The Anthem itself as a venue really aided in providing such a concrete atmosphere for the show’s intentions, with its top viewing decks and ample amount of space in the GA floor area for attendees to dance the night away freely on. From the moment Diablo took over the stage to kick-start the vibes for the night, the energy in the crowd was surreal. With this tour being as overblown as it was, once Dillon and Alison took control of the show they both demonstrated as to why choosing to collaborate was everything we didn’t know we needed.

Dillon Francis got things rolling with his wacky visuals and trap-filled back to back tracks. Mixing it up superbly between his newest work and old classics like “Bun Up the Dance” and “Get Low,” we were constantly surprised as to what banger was going to take over the speakers next. His set surely brought us back to those 2015-2016 days when the era for electronic trap sounds was fully blooming. The transition from Dillon’s unmatched live sounds to Alison’s succeeding performance was inexplicable, as we were blown away by it all.

Launching her mesmerizing set with her renowned track “I Want U’, Alison had us on our toes from the get-go. Her opening was quite a suspenseful one, as she built things up until the first drop of the track exploded. Throughout the rest of her set, her transitions were absolutely impeccable (as always), flowing back and forth from her own tracks to her remixes of other prominent tunes in the electronic world. After announcing her last solo track, she welcomed Dillon onto the stage and it was finally time for their highly-anticipated back to back set. Who knew these two co-existed so effortlessly live? The entire set was completely mind-blowing, but the most striking part was when the interlude to their newest collaboration “Lost My Mind” came on. We’ve never seen a crowd go so wild!

As one of the year’s most highly-anticipated tours, Alison Wonderland and Dillon Francis’ ‘Lost My Mind’ tour was everything we expected and so much more. From both the crowd’s and the artists’ invigorating energy to the electrifying vibe of the venue itself, this was surely a performance incomparable to any other. Alison and Dillon, thank you for sharing your matchless talents live throughout this tour, you’ve surely left all of us losing our minds.

Photos courtesy of Franklin Earley & Alison Wonderland and Dillon Francis Facebook.

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