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3LAU Releases “Star Crossed” via Not-for-Profit Blume



Dance music sensation 3LAU dropped his latest single, “Star Crossed” Sept. 8 via his incredible not-for-profit label Blume.



Best known for his amped up live performances and killer official mixes for global superstars like Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry, 3LAU has established himself as an explosive producer in the industry. Combined with his super likeable personality and fan-friendly gestures, his future is only upwards from here.


Out now on iTunes, Spotify, and all online retailers, the track is a revolutionary step for 3LAU’s production style. It’s a testament to his progression from electronic House to traditional instrumentation. The shift demonstrates influences from some of 3LAU’s earliest inspirations including M83, Radiohead, and Sigur Rós. “Star Crossed” pushes a starry, celestial vibe spanning the distance between melodic progressive house and real instrumentation.


3LAU shared his thoughts on “Star Crossed,” stating:

As I’ve honed my craft in the studio, I wanted to expand upon my original melodic house style by adding depth through real instrumentation. From the drums to the synths to the real instruments recorded, I wanted to make dance music that maintains an organic texture, bridging electronic & real world musical elements.


Listen to “Star Crossed” here:


His Blume label is a truly visionary concept, where supporting charities is at the forefront of the business model. 3LAU is a huge fan of incorporating causes that are important to him into his work, which is where Blume comes in. All of the label’s profits from streaming are donated to various charities and causes like Pencils of Promise and the ACLU among others. With each and every play or stream, money is raised for influential charities – how cool is that? It’s a simple and small way that you as a fan and listener can contribute to making the world a better place.


3LAU adds:

“To be a part of this effort, all people have to do is listen to the song and even better, share it with a friend. As shares continue, there’s a ‘domino effect’ of fundraising that quickly adds up just from people loving and sharing these songs, and the amazing thing is that they’re contributing without any money ever coming out of their pocket.”


As Summer 2017 concludes for this ambitious artist, we look back at his performances at some of the world’s most prestigious festivals. 3LAU took the stage at Lollapalooza, Billboard Hot 100, EDC Las Vegas, Breakaway Music Festival, Veld, Global Dance Festival, RFM Somnii, and Marenostrum. What’s next for the young hero?

Caroline is an avid electronic music enthusiast. Born and raised in the Boston area, Caroline relocated Florida to complete her Bachelors Degree in Social Entrepreneurship & Business from Rollins College in Orlando. Her passion for EDM, music festivals and music in general has taken her up and down the East coast (she now resides in New York City) and inspired her to pursue her dreams within the industry. Electronic music truly has been a blessing in her life and brought a lifetime's worth of lasting memories.


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