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The Midnight Teases Upcoming Album via “Prom Night” & Playlist Generator for Fans




The Midnight (songwriter Tyler Lyle and producer Tim McEwan), share “Prom Night” from their new album MONSTERS which will be officially out July 10th via Counter Records.

“Prom Night” comes right on time in a disappointing moment in American history when the Class of 2020 has been forced to cancel or socially distance their proms. The song beautifully captures the hopeful naiveté and unfettered romance of this classic American rite of passage. The instrumentation beautifully captures the essence of these moments through a wide range of sound design and a strongly written vocal and performance by Tyler Lyle depicting the rollercoaster moments in the story of prom night.

The rest of the EP features three other songs: “Dance With Somebody,” “Deep Blue,” & “America Online.” These songs are all equally as strong as “Prom Night” and all deliver a strong 80’s nostalgic feel intertwined with modern elements of vapor-wave and popular music. The tracks are big, emotional, and also have elements that will certainly make you want to move.

Tyler explained to us how MONSTERS is “thematically driven by teenage loneliness and the desperate need for connection,” as well as his previous experience as an accomplished indie-folk artist. Prom Night perfectly captures the essence of this message and is a very strong and exciting preview for what is to come on MONSTERS.

In addition to the album, The Midnight is rolling out a custom playlist generator that is aimed to take fans back to their high school years. By visiting the band’s website fans will be asked to share their name, prom month, and graduating year. In return, they will receive a playlist of the Top 40 songs that were big hits during their prom. Spotify users will get the additional treat of having a unique, personalized playlist cover created using a specially designed image.

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