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SUPERSPECIAL Debuts “Heroes” as his Breakthrough Into Dance Music




Embarking on his illustrious journey into the dance music industry, SUPERSPECIAL has officially released his debut single “Heroes,” and for those who haven’t heard it just yet, you’re going to want to give this one its well deserved spot in your current playlists! Now, with Dropgun on the remix front for “Heroes,” things have been kicked up another heated notch.

Roaring with uplifting energy and positive spirit right off the bat, “Heroes” plays into the truly wondrous world of living life to the fullest, and taking on our limitless opportunities with pure soul, radiant imaginations, and outstanding determination to make anything possible. SUPERSPECIAL has paved the way for a phenomenal year ahead, as “Heroes” unleashes full dancefloor power, setting the bar for more and more electrifying festival and nightclub electronic hits.

Laced with bouncing rhythms through and through, addictive lead vocals set the heartfelt mood, as SUPERSPECIAL’s finely tuned and charismatic production styles take this record to the riveting level it’s at. Featuring an infectious bassline fused together with blissful melodies has ultimately resulted in a straight-up stellar debut single for this rising DJ/Producer.

Beyond his meticulously crafted productions, SUPERSPECIAL goes the extra mile to share a side of him and his musical vision that tell stories like no other. Through his weekly series of captivating comics, the kaleidoscopic comic universe brings listeners on a visual journey complete with its own original heroes and supervillains in addition to the paramount superhero, SUPERSPECIAL, who fights evil with the roaring power of music.

Photos Courtesy of SUPERSPECIAL Facebook

From her first concert at 10 years old, Ariana's number one thing in life has always been music. Now, at age 24, she has found her passion within the EDM industry. Ariana grew up in the Boston area and moved to Florida where she graduated from Rollins College in Orlando. Inspired by DJ/Producers making their dreams come true and by sensational performances at EDM festivals around the world, Ariana is thrilled to be on the road to living out her dreams.

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