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Way Out West ‘Tuesday Maybe’ [Anjunadeep]



Way Out West has come back in full force in the last few years, and now have their latest album released with Tuesday Maybe


The duo of Jody Wisternoff and Nick Warren have been making music together for longer than some readers may have been alive. They’ve been in the scene for decades now, and had their debut album Way Out West released in 1997. Since then they have released several more albums, countless singles, and have literally toured the entire world. The last major piece to come from Way Out West is the 2009 album We Love Machine,  featuring the headline track “Only Love.”


Way Out West should surely be a familiar name by now, with their strong Anjunadeep ties and relentless touring lately it’s safe to say the veteran duo are alive and well. Tuesday Maybe contains eleven tracks and is cut with an abundance of soothing tunes, vintage house production, and a touch of classical elements.


Starting off Tuesday Maybe is a collaboration with the femme duo Eli & Fur, fellow Anjunadeep labelmates. The opening track “Running Away” is a piano filled, smooth, and bumping intro to Tuesday Maybe. Set up with a good precedent from “Running Away,” “Set My Mind” takes it to the underground with a classic house bassline synth. Already within two songs you can tell Way Out West have been out in the scene at various clubs and events, as the two opening tracks fill daydreams of nighttime escapades.


Appropriately named “Oceans,” slows the momentum down a little and lets you relax for a brief moment in Way Out West. “Lullaby Horizon” has an a upbeat melody and tempo and can easily have you sidetracked or hypnotized by its steady beat. To get things back in the grooving state of mind “The Call” includes female vocals that give Tuesday Maybe some sort of romantic appeal. For something both funky and brooding with the added vocal by Hendrik Burkhard, Way Out West give you “We Move In The Dark,” accompanied by strings and a liquid disco  guitar riff.


Classical elements are a motif in Tuesday Maybe and made even more so apparent in “Diamond Dust.” This track has a building percussion ensemble lead by a violin to give you something far from what the average dance music song entails. “A Sheltered place” is one of those tracks where it brings you up, down, and around in regards to melody and sense of direction, also seen in “Slam.” The end of Tuesday Maybe contains a nostalgic house track in “Closer,” exhibiting old meets new in sound. The end and title track “Tuesday Maybe” sends you off on your way in a seduced state, matching much of the overall album material itself.


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