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Up-and-Coming Artist, Loüme, Drops His Debut Single “For You”



Hawaii-raised producer, Dan Elkayam, better known by his artist tag, Loüme, has finally unveiled his emotion-stirring single “For You”. The track is truly a heart-warmer and acts as an embodiment of the countless hours he’s committed in the studio.

Laced with luscious vocals from Loüme himself, “For You” is a dreamy indie-electronic track filled with sentimental feelings and nostalgic moments. The track is layered with harmonious guitar plucks, atmospheric synths, and emotion-driving vocal chants, bringing listeners towards their nostalgic feelings, and allowing them to encapture their own moment within the song.

When it comes to music, Loüme is an innovative thinker, as he produces tracks with the purpose of creating “moments” for his listeners. Elkayam kindly explained the thought process and emotions involved when producing the single:

I wanted to make a record that captures a moment. The goal with this track was to express love you cant let go of, and learning to deal with it. A constant journey through feelings of melancholy and nostalgia, while still having some sort of hope to make things work.

Loüme looks to further distinguish himself as an artist, relating emotions towards his fans with new independent sounds that embody his sentimental production style. The Hawaii-raised producer is excited, as he’s highly-eager to schedule more release dates for upcoming singles this coming year.

2019 is already shaping up to be a highly anticipated year for Loüme ‘s career.

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