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Ultra Music Festival Moves on to Another Chapter in New South Florida Location



The future of Ultra Miami is changing once again, as Ultra has officially let the world know today they will be moving to a new location in South Florida, drifting away from Miami where it has been held for the last two decades.

While Ultra 2019 at Virginia Key was another amazing year with sensational debut performances, astonishing sets by many of dance music’s top talents, and an experience to never forget, the debate is over and Ultra is announcing its move to a new South Florida location in 2020. An instagram caption titled “a letter to our fans” explains it all, and in a particularly heartfelt way from the festival organizers. They’re taking the 20,000+ fan surveys and enormous feedback to heart, and are en route to another place where the excellent expectations of Ultra Miami will be upheld.

“This is Ultra Music Festival, after all, and our attendees expect us to deliver on our commitment to excellence. Being committed to excellence not only means constantly striving to become better, it also means being willing to change things when they are not working.” – Ultra Music Festival

It is a definite bittersweet goodbye to Miami for Ultra, the city where countless legendary moments in electronic music have occurred, but let the curiosity roll on as we await more festival details revealed about Ultra’s brand-new chapter.

Photos courtesy of Ultra Music Festival Facebook


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