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Tchami’s Confession Label Reveals ‘The Final Alchemy’ Compilation



Tchami’s renowned CONFESSION label has progressively dominated the scene since its inception back in 2015. The label holds a tremendous artist roster full of favorites like Malaa, Dombresky, Nitti Gritti, Dillon Nathaniel, and many more. Over the years, a plethora of the most influential future and bass house heavy tunes have been released on CONFESSION, and there’s no plan to change that anytime soon.

Tchami The Final Alchemy

The only aspect of CONFESSION that’s sadly coming to a close is its Alchemy compilation releases, which have helped the brand establish a name for itself over the years. 2019 closed out with a bang with the release of the Alchemy VI compilation, and now 2020 ceases the final chapter of the series with its seventh ultimate rendition, The Final Alchemy.

CONFESSION prodigies MASTERIA, Kohmi, Spinstylez, and a few others were the lucky ones chosen by Tchami himself to mark the end of an era on this final Alchemy release. All seven tracks on The Final Alchemy embody the label’s underground prototype in its own unique manner, staying true to its eccentric sound assortment. From all the hefty bass on “Do It” to the more suspenseful, frisky rhythm of “Bounce That,” listeners will find a little bit of everything throughout the entire compilation.

The Alchemy series might have come to an end, but the CONFESSION brand is still en route to conquer the dance music world with its extraordinary discography. Dive into The Final Alchemy and indulge in this concluding chapter of the label’s story below.

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