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X&G Release “Losing Myself” Ahead of New EP



Perhaps many have not yet heard of newcomer duo X&G, but ahead of their much-anticipated four-track EP this April, they released a new track called “Losing Myself,” out today, Friday, March 27 on Insomniac Records. With previous releases on labels like OWSLA, Deadbeats and CR2 Records, we are curious what their forthcoming EP is slated to sound like (although “Losing Myself” gives a good depiction).

“Losing Myself” starts off with a dark techno-esque intro. After that it catapults the bass to a new level of profound subterranean sound. Once the drum and bass kicks in this track really gets you moving. The repetitive vocal fits great with the whole melody build up, and it’s nice to see that they used some highs and lows in their vocal part. It really makes this short but savvy vocal work throughout the track. The technical arrangement feels on point and you really get sucked into the whole composition of the track.

From listening to “Losing Myself” a couple of times you start really losing yourself in it, and we’re really looking forward to X&G’s four-track EP arriving soon in April.


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