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Solarstone Unveils ‘Pure Trance VII’ To Mark Seventh Year of Compilation Series



Set right in the colorful Autumn season we mark the seventh year of Pure Trance’s existence, and celebrate with a three-disk compilation series, carefully curated by some of the scene’s most respected producers. 



Kristina Sky, Solarstone, and Lostly, better yet known as the heavenly trio of DJs/Producers who recently compiled Pure Trance VII, have bridged together a collection of musical art to feed your souls with the most divine audio from both fresh and established talent.


Rich Solarstone, the compilation maestro himself, shares that he feels a true trance track should stem “from within,” something that seems to deeply resonate with trance fans and producers alike. He shares, “When you’re compiling these albums, you know within the first 90 listening-seconds, whether it’s a producer pushing the physical or metaphoric buttons. Or, if it’s a musician truly making music that comes from within.




Kristina Sky has graced trance fans with one of the most alluring array of songs on Disc 1. A beloved regular opener for Solarstone, Sky’s instincts for getting the ball rolling on a plethora of trance melodies on this compilation were spot on. Featuring an extensive top-notch roster of up & coming artists like Mike Saint-Jules, Revolution 9, Paul Sawyer, Nick Silvestri, and many more, the harmonious flow of Sky’s Disc 1 is simply stunning. From the first track “Elixir Of Life,” we’re exposed to the majestic discography layed out ahead. From performances coast-to-coast across the US, to China, to The Philippines, to Canada, to Guatemala, and a whole slew more around the world, Sky has been a concrete angelic presence throughout the electronic dance music scene for well over a decade.


I’m truly honoured to have been invited by Rich to contribute to ‘Pure Trance Vol. 7’. Solarstone’s music was a huge inspiration to me early on, well before I started DJing, and I’ve been so impressed and proud to watch him grow the Pure Trance movement over the years. He’s been a great friend and mentor, so to be able to mix this compilation with him has – hands down – been one of the biggest highlights of my career. I hope you all enjoy the music… and Vive la Trance!” – Kristina Sky



Contributing to the pure trance masterpiece is none other than Solarstone himself, carrying on the legacy of his Pure Trance movement with another beautifully crafted disc. DJ Richard Mowatt, aka Solarstone, has circled back around with 15 soul shattering tracks from his own pure mixes, to numerous team ups. With song titles including “Heart Connected,” “When Faith Fades,” “Beyond Time,” “What Lies Between The Stars,” and “Something Out Of Nothing,” fans can gage the sort of musical journey Solarstone is taking us on throughout his disc. Emphasizing sound through time and space and projecting a variety of emotive styles, collaborators like Dark Matter, ReOrder, Astrosphere, Bryan Kearney and many more have come together to create a grand quest of trance.  



Completing the compilation is internationally acclaimed German DJ/Producer Lostly, who amps up the compilation with his 15 records on Disc 3. Fusing everything from high powered melodies, to psytrance vibes, to euphoric progressions, to instrumental bliss, Lostly reigned in a stellar roster of collaborations on Pure Trance VII. Giuseppe Ottaviani, Leroy Moreno, Liam Wilson, and Indecent Noise are only a few featured artists off Lostly’s mix that wonderfully boast the transcendent energy which is packed within the compilation as a whole.


“I wanted to find the right balance between showcasing a number of different artists while still keeping that Lostly sound. By approaching a number of artists to do collaborations, I felt it would be a great solution in yielding as many originals for the album as possible. Not only did I find myself growing personally as an artist but I also found it interesting working with others and seeing their workflow. Alongside these collaborations are originals by other artists of which I enjoy listening to as well as solo album-exclusive originals of mine, which have become near and dear to me.” – Lostly

From her first concert at 10 years old, Ariana's number one thing in life has always been music. Now, at age 27, she's found her passion within the EDM industry. Ariana grew up in the Boston area and moved to Florida where she graduated from Rollins College in Orlando. Inspired by DJ/Producers making their dreams come true and by sensational performances at EDM festivals around the world, Ariana is thrilled to be on the road to living out her dreams.


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