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SG Lewis Sets the Album Bar High for 2021 in ‘Time’



Sam Lewis, better known by his stage name, SG Lewis, is a DJ, producer, instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter who’s just broken personal strides with his recently released debut album, Time. Featuring a slew of premiere artists in the industry like Nile Rogers, Lucky Daye, Channel Tres, and Lastlings, SG’s album is by far one of the funkiest pieces of work yet to be released in the world, comparably to funk legends like Daft Punk and more. The album will sonically make any listener move to the groove while allowing anyone to fall in love with the funk style SG Lewis has made apparent throughout years of hit releases. 

As an album, Time is a piece of work that possesses the musical audacity to stay prevalent for decades, containing multiple hit singles from SG himself and collaborations. Fan favorites like, “Chemicals,” “Time,” “Feed The Fire,” “One More,” “Impact,” and “All We Have” are spreading like wildfire, already soaring across Spotify Charts, editorial playlists, and house-hold speakers worldwide. Throughout the album, there is a sense of sonic cohesiveness that tends to make each song work perfectly with each other, while SG’s production style is placed on a pedestal through his upbeat syncopated rhythms, funky basslines, and magnificent string work.

Accompanying the release of his debut album, SG also provided fans and listeners with an exclusive live performance of the album, which served to be magnificent. Every instrumental aspect of the album was made live, with an entire orchestra supporting with string work, a percussionist to provide the groove, and much more. As the release of the album is still fresh from its debut, it’s only projected to grow and spread in listenability throughout time. Probably purposefully done, Time as an album serves as a time capsule for those listening during this generational time period and is set to uphold its sonic audacity for decades. 


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