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SEXPAYS Debuts First Single “LOVE”



2022 is the year an incredible new alias has hit the ground running and he’s in for a whirlwind of a year. SEXPAYS has released his first single “LOVE.” The alias is under a well-experienced electronic musician, and “LOVE” is a promising sign of what’s to come.

“LOVE” comes alongside a trippy music video that takes advantage of abstract art forms rather than focusing on a storyline based venture. On the audio side, a seducing, therapeutic nu-disco inspired house beat washes over the listener, giving both a sense of calm and energetic soulful spirit all conveyed in one go. “LOVE” is a fresh and exciting new single that boasts nothing but dance-centric, radiant vibes and is perfect for carrying listeners out of winter and into the spring and summer seasons.

“After taking shrooms at a club at 1am I couldn’t sleep so instead of jerking off I figured I should be productive so I threw this together. Then I woke up the next day, ate lasagne and threw the video together. I can still taste that lasagne till this day. If that isn’t love then what kind of world are we living in?” – SEXPAYS

As we’re only a few weeks into the new year, it’s an amazing feeling to already be getting such hot new music on the scene, and one thing is for sure, SEXPAYS is bound to follow up “LOVE” with even more dreamy tunes that will carve his path straight to success and adoration.


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