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Seanyy: From US Army Service to Debut EP [Interview]




Seanyy has just dropped his first-ever EP following a massive singles run throughout the year. ‘Drive Thru’ has been released on his Swerve Collective Creations — and just after the EP hit DSPs, we caught up with the rising talent and US Army Officer. We discuss his creative process, biggest influences, and what it’s like working on his music career all we’re serving in the US military, stationed in Germany. From “Be Like That” to “Memories”, “Where Are We Going” and “In The Club”, he’s a breakout act that never fails to impress. Get familiar with Seanyy by reading our full exclusive Q&A interview, below.

The Nocturnal Times:  How and when did you first begin exploring dance music? 

Seanyy: I think the first “EDM” track I ever heard was “Russian Privjet” by Basshunter.  I’d listen to that track on repeat while playing Call of Duty for hours.  It was epic.  Then came “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”, and all the UKF dubstep and garage that followed, and I think it was then I knew I was hooked.  It was all I ever (and still do) listened to.  House music came around in college when I experienced the party scene and now, I pull influences from those different stages of my life in all of my productions.

The Nocturnal Times:  As an officer with the US Army, stationed in Germany, how do you find the time to balance work and creating music? 

Seanyy: It’s tough and definitely not ideal.  Work in the Army is super mundane and routine.  A lot of long hours as well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the opportunities and unique situations that I have been placed into; they will absolutely help me down the road with both my label and whatever I get into after the Army with critical thinking and problem-solving.  I just often take a step back and think about where I want to be when I’m older.  I constantly think in terms of opportunity cost so a lot of my “free time” is spent in the studio or teaching myself something about music.

The Nocturnal Times: Who are some of your biggest musical influences and why? 

Seanyy: Don Diablo has to be the biggest influence.  He’s so unique and a true pioneer of the industry.  Everything he’s done with Hexagon is what I want to mirror with Swerve.  Besides Don, I’m really invested in Brooks and RetroVision.  Most of my final mixdowns are directly referenced from theirs.  And then I always want to shout out like-minded producer buddies who are killing it right now; Jonth, Magnus, and Sebastian Alm.

The Nocturnal Times:  You’ve just released your debut EP, ‘Drive Thru’. How did the EP first come together and how did you go about choosing the five tracks? 

Seanyy: The EP began when I was away with work in February.  I started working some ideas on my brand-new MacBook.  I avoided setting strict deadlines for myself because I’m always cautious of pushing myself too hard to the point where music starts feeling like work.  I never want it to feel that way.  Anyways, around June, I had about 7 tracks finished that just needed polishing.  I released my favorites as singles and then obviously the full EP in October.  I felt 5 tracks was just the right amount to cover the different styles of house I have mastered.

The Nocturnal Times:  Of the five tracks, do you have a favorite and why? 

Seanyy: I think “Be Like That” has to be my favorite.  It started out as a remix for a contest that I have no idea how I didn’t win, and then a year later I turned it into an original.  The first vocals I found on Splice fit so well; everything about the track just felt right and fell into place.  My buddies call the track “the theme song” of Swerve.  I love that.

The Nocturnal Times: ‘Drive Thru’ was released on your very own Swerve Creative Collections. What can you share with us about the vision for your label? 

Seanyy: Swerve was a project I’d wanted to start up for a long time.  Being realistic with myself, I see myself going further as a label manager than a sole DJ/producer.  Further, I see just as much enjoyment in signing and releasing music than creating and releasing music on my own.  By owning a label, not only does it provide me a platform to release music whenever I want, but it embeds me in the industry that I care so much about.

The Nocturnal Times: This has been an unconventional year, however, once things start returning back to normal, who are three artists you’d love to perform a back-to-back set with and why? 

Seanyy: My dream B2B would be with Don Diablo, of course.  I’d also love to throw down a B2B with RetroVision or Brooks – I’ve seen them both live and while I do reference them during production, they also pack a ton of energy into their sets.

The Nocturnal Times:  What are some of your future plans for Seanyy and your growing label? 

Seanyy:  I’ve been testing out a new sound and rapidly finishing up remixes for different contest.  Hopefully you’ll see some winning remixes.  The new sound is something I’m extremely excited about and I’ll most likely drop it during the New Year. Until then, the main focus will be Swerve and growing the label.  I want to hit 1,000 followers on Instagram before 2021 and start creating more content for YouTube.  It’s tough as a one many show but somehow, I’ll make it work – I always do!

Listen to Seanyy’s ‘Drive Thru’ EP:


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